Luciano Spalletti has had a respectable run at the coaching scene for the past 22 years.

There was a time he was one of the hottest coach in the world. His decision to move to Russia and take over Zenit St Petersburg undoubtedly dimmed his image in the eyes of club officials fighting tooth and nail to add a capable hand to the club.

Italian football since the decline of both Milan clubs appear to be taking up new shapes that portray that a new set of powerhouses are taking up the place of the once holy trinity the Milan clubs formed with Juventus. Roma and Napoli have been trying despite losing their best players to the bigger fishes of Europe and the one in Turin.

With Roma, Spalletti looked like he was on to something special alas he decided to pull the plug. Internazionale few days ago announced on their official social media account that the 58-year old was taking over the team and attempt doing what 10 coaches have failed to do in the past 7 years – return the Neazzurri to their former status.

After winning the treble with Jose Mourinho in charge seven years ago the once Massimo Moratti-led club has found it hard to measure up to the status of being both an Italian and European heavyweight.

The risk with Spalletti agreeing to join them is that their problems run far deeper than the surface of tactics. With a jilted chair, ever grumbling fans, an owner who seems not to figure out how best to run the club and confusing portfolios headed by different individuals who refuse to let go of their sphere of control, Luciano Spalletti has done the unthinkable risk of taking over a club that needs more than his skills to be fixed.

Good luck to him. He sure needs it.